Babiano Abogados
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Babiano Abogados is a law firm established in 1978 by the State Attorney Luis Babiano Álvarez de los Corrales, which bases its work on excellence. It pursues to satisfy the needs of each client by creating multidisciplinary teams. Due to this flexible structure, Babiano Abogados has taken part in important national and international operations in which interdisciplinary advice was needed . With the experience acquired, Babiano Abogados has developed a network of permanent collaborators in other branches of law as well as in finance, architecture l, IT, engineering, etc. The firm has currently, a select clientele from European and American countries.

The firm has been traditionally specialized in personal attention of high net-worth clients, but its multidisciplinary scope and its recent expansion allows it to adapt to the needs of any client.


Babiano Abogados has taken part in relevant projects, such as the start-up of the Valderrama group, including the famous Valderrama Golf Club. Likewise, the firm has participated in all legal tasks which were necessary for the construction of the combined cycle plant that GAS NATURAL, one of Spain´s biggest company, installed in San Roque. Within the real estate field, the firm has taken part in other relevant matters such as the sale of the Guadalquitón estate. In addition, Babiano Abogados is the legal representative of The Royal Bank of Scotland and of Danske Bank in Spain.

“Perfection is not an aim, it's a path called excellence”